Makenna & Luca's Engagement

The adventure was worth it.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Makenna and Luca's engagement photos! The day had a rough start when we learned our original scouted location has apparently become very popular and was so packed we couldn't find parking anywhere. But we were determined to find a beautiful spot. We tried a nearby lake but most of the access road was shut down and we would have had to walk 8 miles ... in the snow. So that was out!

I remembered a beautiful spot in the small town of Easton and Makenna and Luca were game to give it a try. It ended up being perfect and beautiful. We trekked around in the snow and up some hills and had a lot of laughs and beautiful moments together. I don't have words to describe the connection these two have with each other. It was their first time having a photo session done and they admitted they were nervous in front of the camera but honestly, it never showed up on film!

I always tell my couples I love creating natural emotions, natural moments, and love getting to know them in the process. These two did not disappoint, I was swooning over their photos before I even got home.

The adventuring paid off :)

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