Katie & Casey's Elopement

Katie and Casey's elopement day started off as a beautiful but grey Pacific Northwestern morning. Under the treetops at the stunningly unique Tree House Point we enjoyed a private and romantic environment for this sweet elopement.

I had been contacted by Katie late last year about her elopement. They hadn't decided on a location yet but I was up for anything! Of course when they told me they had settled on this amazing location I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to photograph this day for them! I have gotten to know Katie over the last few months talking back and forth and meeting up and I just knew she was going to be so much fun to work with-- and I wasn't wrong. It was the perfect first wedding to start off my year.

Watching the weather the first part of the day I was hoping the downpour would hold off for us, sprinkling here and there is easy to handle, but as everyone from this area knows ... if it downpours and you are working under trees it can get very cold and wet! We got lucky though, and although there was a bit of wind and random drops of rain, it held out the whole hour we did the dress reveal and Bridal Portraits. We had our run of the place (which includes many different tree houses under the cover of the canopy above) for the first hour and we took advantage, using the beautifully made stairs, trekking down to the river, laughing, dancing, lifting (well Casey did the lifting lol). I always work hard to capture candid/real emotions and we got plenty of those. They were up for anything and just wanted to make sure we had fun.

By the time the ceremony came it started to rain a little harder, the sound echoing off of the buildings around us. Nothing was going to dampen their day though. They read their beautiful wedding vows to each other (while I cried a little behind my camera of course) and were surrounded by their parents and Casey's brother. It was perfect. These two have so much love for each other, you can tell just being around them for five minutes how much they care for one another. Everyone knows love and marriage can be a balancing act but I think these two will have no problems with that.

We finished off the event with champagne under the eves of the building listening to the rain. One last dance in the open air and a sparkler exit brought everyone willingly out into the rain. To say that 2018 started off with a bang would be an understatement.

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