Meghan and Blazen's Adventure Engagement Session!

I met Meghan and Blazen a few weeks prior to their engagement session, we had met at a Seattle coffee shop to solidify everything for their Wedding for next year and go over details and ideas for this engagement shoot. They had asked me if I would be willing to go to Rialto Beach and having been to this beautiful location before I said YES, and asked them if they had heard of Hole in the Wall (if you haven't heard about it you should!).

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Once they had looked it up they knew we had to go there! For those of you who don't know, Hole in the Wall is located a mile down Rialto beach, you have to go down the beach that is the only way there. So after a four hour car ride, we got to stretch our legs as we started out trek down the beach. OF COURSE on the way there were photo's taken and shenanigans had!

There were definitely some Dirty Dancing references made.

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When we first arrived It was FOGGY, but the fog lifted as we made out way down the beach and it was beautiful the whole walk down the beach.

We finally made it to hole in the wall, it was shaping up to beautiful sunset. We did an outfit change and took advantage of that golden light. These two I swear were straight out of a romance novel. You watch them together and clearly see not only the love they have for each other but the fun they have together!

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Very shortly after we made it down the long beach trek to hole in the wall the fog rolled in and literally took out the sun! I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed for a second, but these two kept things steamy enough that I didn't pout long! The fog added a different kind of beauty to our session.

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To finish out this already amazing session these two actually offered to get in the water! Dreams do come true ! To top it off they actually had fun playing in what I can only assume was some cold ocean water!

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To say that I am beyond excited to photograph the wedding of these two next year would be an understatement. If this is how much fun we can have during a normal session just imagine the fun we will have in California for their wedding!

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