Amber & Eric's Engagement

I had Amber and Eric's session all planned out in my head, go to my favorite side of the lake...find some great logs and backdrops and then head into the trees, BUT the day had a different plan for me.

engagement session rattlesnake lake pnw

We got Lucky with an amazingly perfect day (which is rare this time of year in our area). We met up and started heading in the direction I planned to go. That was until we found out the trail to where we needed to go was flooding, as was a lot of the lake. BUT you can't stop me, anyone who has worked with me knows I think on my feet and I am always up for a challenge! So we headed to the opposite side of the lake, an area I had actually never explored!

pnw engagement session rattlesnake lake adventurous photographer

We found beautiful views and a waterfall that I never knew was there! The usually crowded lake was empty the direction we went and we got to have so much find finding new location.

Enough of my rambling about the location, let me Tell you about Amber and Eric. These two were a blast to work with, we literally laughed the entire time. They showed so much love for each other and I always feel so blessed with my job since I get to be the one to capture the true love story behind each couple I get to work with.

lifestyle photographer engagement session pnw rattlesnake lake

They were troopers about the whole situation and had no problem wandering around the lake with me looking for the best spots with the best lighting. Watching them through my lens I can see how much they truly adore each other. I know once we made Amber get into her dress she was freezing but It didn't seem to faze her and her happiness at all.

As we were ending we got a beautiful sunset, reflecting off the lake and turning everything that beautiful golden color. I know I kept telling them "just a few more" about ten times but I couldn't stop! I love capturing natural emotion and these two made it so easy. They were truly in their own little bubble with each other.

sunset golden hour engagement session pnw

I honestly can not wait to work with these two again at their wedding this summer. I am sure we will have many more beautiful captures and a whole lot of laughs.

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